December 7, 2023

20 thoughts on “DSA v/s Development | What to do for Placements?

  1. Summary:

    1st or 2nd year: go for anything DSA first or Development first you have ample amount of time. Shifting from DSA to Development will be comparatively easier but learning Development first will gain your interest in coding because DSA takes time and focus to build logic.

    3rd or 4th year students: If you want to get placed in MAANG companies then go for DSA first.
    If you want to get placed in non-MAANG companies then go for development first.

    Note : MAANG like companies means top MNC’s like Meta, Microsoft, Netflix, Google, Amazon, Uber, Adobe, Atlassian, GS etc

    Tabtak ke liye keep learning & keep Coding❀

    Credits of Summary @vedanshgupta5850

  2. Actually miss I’m a 2nd year student I wanna start my coding but my college hrs from 6″30 to 5 o clock….what would I focus DSA,or aktu or development

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