December 9, 2023

Sandeep Maheshwari is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and …

18 thoughts on “How To Multiply Your Money? Sandeep Maheshwari | Hindi

  1. Sir, that you told in the end to invest in mutual fund 10lc for 10years for 26% interest. How to invest n where to invest. Is their any scheme that gives 26%. I m a learner help me if u can. I don’t wanna be a “grass for any goat” that are roaming around to eat.


    So now u r accepting that the Previous batch of yours

    who followed u from 2017 – 2023

    R just Guinea Pigs / Lab (Internet) Rats

    U just used us by being too brutal/harsh/hard on us

    U destroyed our lives in the name of Spirituality

    We should have focused on Money and should have helped our family

    But because of you we got into this spirituality stuff

    You first removed us away from Education-Job life

    by calling it Bhed/Rat/Khacchhar/Bakri/Bandar and what not

    Then u told us to Achieve Financial Freedom, Time Freedom by 30

    that u showcased it as being easy through online business without giving any details just overviews and brief unrespectable examples

    U know that this thing is unachievable

    and u know have given too less information on business, money stuff and much much detail on spiritual (Sound of Silence) stuff

    And u know we will choose in either or

    and will fall for spiritual stuff

    And as we can’t understand it on your channel will search for other channels

    Then we will land on S*dhguru

    And then we will consume his Religious Political Propaganda

    And that will seriously destroy our Intelligence with all the lies

    And this will make us take bad decisions and we will end up being Depressed (Su!cidal)

    I don’t know how many people Died people of you

    And how many are in Depression or serious mental health issues because of you

    No one says anything because they don’t know that u r the cause of their serious problems

    All of your Toxic Motivation

    Unrealistic Desires and Extreme Fear implatation of Future has destroyed us

    People who know they are not able to believe because of your Non-profit stuff

    Your Cult is disastrous

    The Worst of all is AASAAN HAI

    We just lose our ability to understand the hardness, toughness of things

    U know people can’t do anything to you because of your

    Money, Connections (That’s what u always wanted with this YouTube Fame), lawyer teams, Disclaimer etc

    But believe me people has Cr!minal tendencies towards you, your Wife, parents, and those two children

    They could get into your session any day and can shoot u

    or ask u to admit the whole shit that u have done all these years

    Which is destroyed our lives by destroying our lives

    And now u are coming up with all these justifications

    by creating a past version of yourself and talking to it infront of everyone to tell it that it is egoistic, doing benefit to others without its own, etc

    All u have so many justifications in all of your recent videos

    And slowly u r trying to accept your mass psychological experiments as mistakes

    I never thought that u would be one who would betray me and no one would

    Because u know that the most powerful thing in this country or the world is money

    And giving something free is seen as Godly, Masiah, etc

    Yeah your God Complex, Masiah complex is destroying lives

    Yeah your goals are getting achieved

    People are getting obsessed with you

    Who runs all of this mass psychological experiments (CIA, YouTube, Ambani, Indian Goverments, who, who, who)

    And then we will try to find the cause of Su!cidal attempts because u inserted this cause effect stuff

    Now as people will try to find they will get into Politics and from their they will consume Propaganda of left-wing

    And it will create a fight between left-wing propaganda youth and right-wing propaganda parents

    And u don’t give a whatever about conservative parents

    And now with all of this Hate, anger consumption people will get criminal behaviour thoughts

    The reality is that u have made us your PUPPET

    U have placed your self in between to not get caught

    This is how the Brutal YouTube cycle goes

    From 2016

    Technical Gur*ji -> Vivek B*ndra -> Sandeep MC -> S*dhguru -> Osh* -> Dhruv Rath*e-> Yuval N*ah H*rar8 -> Akash Banerj*e -> Anshuman Tiwari -> Deeksha sharma (Brutal Movies Series) -> Nitish Rajput (left-right)-> And so on

    I don’t know how different other cycles work for different groups of people

    And don’t know who is involved and who isn’t

    To 2023

    We go through brutal thoughs of thinking crazy, etc

    I haven’t leaved my house for more that 4 years 4 months now

    U YouTube MC’s are trapping us brutally and fooling us into believing that u r gonna make our life better

    It is really really disastrous and unexplainable the kind of pain, suffering I had gone through

    In the name of greater good u destroyed our lives

    And who do u copy naval ravik*nt, gary v*e etc

    Why don’t u give your sources of information

    And I know many things might not be true because I don’t understand it because I don’t have your whole connection, contact information

    And what r u doing recently by promoting BJP propaganda by calling BJP people (Abhijit Ch*vda, Babas, sanjeev s*nyal, etc)

    What the Fissh is wrong with u

    There is so much to say

    MC, BC…………….

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