December 7, 2023

17 thoughts on “AI & ML Ft. Ansh Mehra | Sandeep Maheshwari | ChatGPT Free Training | Hindi

  1. Wow. I am soo much impressed with this guy 😮❤
    the way talk and not try to show see i know this much and rather using complicated words he is trying to willingly explain us about it . ❤

  2. मेहरा जी को धन्यवाद,,, आपको सामने लाने के लिए संदीप महेश्वरी सर का करोड़ गुना धन्यवाद 🙏

  3. People can grow without college education. It doesn’t mean that education is worthless. Research makes world moving. No one would have made GPT like model without utilizing research paper written by God father of AI (phd degree holder).
    stop defaming education.

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