December 5, 2023

20 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence Ft. Divij Bajaj | Sandeep Maheshwari | OpenAI & ChatGPT | Hindi

  1. Science and technology itni tarakki kr raha hai ki….khud ki Artificial intelligence bana di … Bohot hi ache…..hame use appreciate krna chahiye…… Hame ise chalana sikhna hoga… HAM AI JE LIYE NAHI BANE HAI …
    AI hame control nahi karna chahiye hame Ai ko control karna chahiye or use sikhna chahiye….
    Ham ai ke liye nahi Bane hai….ai hamre liye bana hai…..hame apni marji se ai ko use karna chahiye Naa ki ai hame operate kare….

  2. Do not emotionally attach with any field, this kind of behavior is misleading. Don’t forget you are a non technical person.
    You do not understand technicalities related to artificial intelligence. Nature still on His place, you and your emotions could not displace it…

  3. AI can’t work on humans’ emotions and touch. If I am happy, how much happy am I? If I ask what consciousness is, I will not give answers based on the data only. If I kiss my gf, what’s the feeling? Jobs may disrupt but can’t do everything. Ultimately it’s been developed by Humans only 👍

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